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Motley would like to say THANK YOU from the bottom of his ♥♥♥HEART♥♥♥
Thanks to the generosity of our supporters we were able to raise enough money for Motley to have surgery on his heart. We are happy to announce that the surgery was a success and Motley is now feeling much better!
Motley had a hole in his heart called an Atrial Septal Defect, which often goes undetected and doesn't cause any problems. Unfortunately for Motley he also had Pulmonary Stenosis which led to life threatening problems. He had what was called a Right to Left shunt. What does that mean? The heart circulates blood to the lungs to get oxygen, and then pumps the oxygenated blood to the body so that we can get oxygen to our tissues. When Motley's heart tried to pump blood to the lungs the pulmonary veins were too small and made it hard for the blood to get to the lungs, somewhat like a traffic jam. What do you do in a traffic jam? You find an alternate route, and for Motley the alternate route was through the hole in his heart. He was bypassing his lungs and his blood didn't have enough oxygen before being pumped out to support his body, muscles, and tissues. With just a few steps Motley would become out of breath and would turn blue from the lack of oxygen. 
During his surgery the vet opened up the veins going from Motley's heart to his lungs and in a way cleared the 'traffic jam'. Now the blood can easily go to his lungs and get the oxygen his body so desperately needs. After surgery Motley was like a different dog, and was no longer out of breath with just a few steps. He will need to be kept on a heart medication for the rest of his life, but we are happy to announce that he is looking for his forever home, and if you are interested in adopting Motley please fill out an adoption application by clicking HERE

Again none of this would have been paw-sible without our wonderful supporters and we THANK YOU!