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We're Out to Get $50,000 to Rescue Homeless Pets

update from last week!

We're off to a super start thanks to our supporters.  

We are in the running for a $4,000 grant and a pallet of Dog Food (1,000 lbs) through the Saving Pets Challenge 2015.

This week it's even more important to donate. The organization that raises the most money this week will win $5,000. 

2nd Bonus Challenge!

Donate now and we can get another $5,000


May 12th - May 19th
Starts at 2:00pm ET 
Ends at 11:59:59am ET 

The organization that raises the most in donations this week will win $5,000.

The Crew is an awesome bunch of pups. They have rebounded from their lives of homelessness through hours of pouncing...

Posted by Southside Animal Shelter on Thursday, May 7, 2015
True Love is Rescued!