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Wish List
Thank you to our wonderful supporters! 
Below is a list of items that our animals and staff are always grateful to have.
 We appreciate your generosity and donations to the shelter. 

Paper towels
Canned cat and dog food (pâté style) 
Cat litter
Fabuloso all purpose cleaner
Liquid laundry detergent
6- inch paper plates
Latex free disposable gloves (large)
Pill pockets
Dawn dish soap
Gently used blankets/towels
Pet beds
Black Sharpie Markers
White Duct Tape 
55 gallon trash bags 

Did you know?
Amazon Prime Now will deliver to the Southside Animal Shelter!

What is Amazon Prime Now? 
It is a 2-Hour delivery service provided to those that have an Amazon Prime membership!

How do I get Amazon Prime Now if I already have an Amazon Prime membership?
Amazon Prime Now is featured as a Free App that can be downloaded to your smart phone. Simply search for Prime Now, download, and start shopping! 

How will this benefit the shelter? 
Many items that the shelter is in great need of can be found on Amazon Prime Now and then delivered to the shelter in 2 hours! Which could save you a trip and our animals will be very happy to have the extra donations. Items that can be found on Amazon Prime Now include paper towels, cat litter, pate canned dog and cat food, cleaning supplies, dog chews, cat toys, paper plates etc. 

What is the delivery address to the shelter?
Before submitting your order make sure it is delivered to:
 1614 W. Edgewood ave
Indianapolis, IN 46217

Our Cats and Dogs Thank You for Your Donations!