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We take a moment to shine a light on Kim, our lead veterinary tech. Although she’s been with us for some time, because she is behind the scenes, many of you may not have met her. She is one of the medical care team working to rehabilitate our rescues and keeping them healthy while they are with us. She started with Southside as a volunteer/medical care consultant and then joined the staff full-time three years ago.
Years of Experience
When Kim, a lifelong Indianapolis resident, found her way to Southside, she brought with her a wealth of knowledge and experience having worked in non-profit animal welfare/low cost veterinary care for over 14 years. When she is at the shelter she takes responsibility for many of the day to day medical needs. Her work includes the weekly medical inventory/supply ordering, making sure all rescues gets an exam/assessment, giving vaccines/dewormers/flea meds, assisting the staff veterinarian as necessary and meeting with fosters and adopters regarding medical conditions/care.
“I joined Southside because I have a deep passion for animals and animal welfare. I have always had an interest and place in my heart for rescue, so I felt that a no kill shelter was the best option for me personally.” Lead VeterinaryTech, Kim
Given that we take on as many medically extraordinary cases as we can, Kim’s experience as well as her passion are such important pieces of our care team. Like many of our staff, her favorite moments are seeing the neediest of the dogs & cats going to their forever homes. She is forever amazed by the resilience of the animals that come through Southside’s doors. “They come from places & conditions we could never understand & still have so much unconditional love to give.”
At Work & At Home
Her passion for animals extends to her home as well. She and her wife Sherry (pictured to the right) have four rescue dogs, three Chihuahuas (Pepper, Remy and Ellie) and a Schnauzer (Scrappy). Kim, Sherry, Kim’s stepdaughter Tracy and the dogs enjoy an outdoor filled life with swimming, camping, canoeing and more.
Thank you!
We are so very thankful for Kim and all those that have chosen to come into this profession. With Kim part of the team, we know we can give our rescues the best care and regardless of where they’ve come from or what they’ve been through, get them ready for the rewarding and nurturing life that is ahead.
If you are at the shelter and see Kim, please take a moment to say thank you for all she does.