So many good people in our corner

Like Nova. This kindhearted girl found a calling to help animal shelters. She didn't let the fact that she's a little too young to volunteer in person stop her. Instead, she made and sold dog treats to raise money for us...a whopping $427! Nova...this means the world...

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March Muttness grand total-$6661.16

March Muttness update...while we didn't quite make it to the end, we raised an amazing $6661.16! We can't begin to say thanks enough to everyone who donated and to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona for organizing this event where all pets win. They have raised...

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You did it-AGAIN!

Wow...we made it to the Excellent 8 of March Muttness 2022. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Please know that your donations will be life-changing. This little cutie is one of 18 (yes 18) dogs we took in yesterday from an overcrowded shelter. Most will need vet care...

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You did it!

We made it to round 3 in March Muttness! It was a nail biter, but we prevailed and are moving on. You might remember Christian. He came to us after nearly freezing to death in a dumpster. It was really touch and go with him, but thanks to you, Christian received the...

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We made it to Round 2!

We made it to round 2 in March Muttness! Thank you to everyone who donated. Round 2 is open now and the competition is getting stiff. If you know us at Rosie's, you know we are softies when it comes to saying "yes" to animals with serious medical conditions. Each...

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