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Not even 2 days into the new year and we received our first urgent medical case.
This sweet faced pup has been named Christian.
Christian was found yesterday by a Good Samaritan in the bottom corner of a dumpster.
Christian was found along with his sister who sadly was frozen underneath him and had already passed away.
Christian was and still is in critical condition. He has head trauma, chemical burns, is fighting infection and is fighting to regulate his body temperature. We have no idea how long he was out in the cold temps and rain, but it was long enough that his sister did not make it.
Christian was rushed to our friends at Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Care-South and is receiving around the clock care.
We are nowhere near out of the woods, but as long as he is willing to fight we will fight along with him.
We know it’s a big ask especially after the holidays, but Christian needs our help. If you are able to donate, share, send healing thoughts, please do!
Let’s do everything we can to give him the life he very much deserves!

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