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We are once again asking for help…..

To say we have been thrown some pretty extreme curveballs the past couple weeks is an understatement. Most of you know about the fire we had on February 13, but today we had 7 puppies hospitalized for parvo.

7 puppies

We pulled these precious puppies from another shelter. Everyone seemed rather calm, but everyone was eating well and had pretty decent stools. By this morning we had some lethargic pups in foster homes. 4 of the 7 tested positive for parvo. All 7 are now being treated at emergency vet clinics.

We have varying estimates for these puppies, but we are looking at right at $1,000 per 24 hours per puppy. So for 3 days, we are looking at a minimum of $21,000.

That number is absolutely staggering. We know. To make matters even worse, 7 additional puppies we pulled from this shelter were housed with those that tested positive for parvo. We have them isolated and will be keeping a very watchful eye on these pups, too. Because parvo is highly contagious, it’s very likely we will be facing more sick puppies.

We have asked so much of our supporters in the past weeks and are having a tough time asking more of you. But, if you are able to chip in even a modest amount, we would be very grateful. The simple truth is that we could not help these pups or any other animal in our care without our supportive community. Thank you does not begin to say how grateful we are.

Please keep our staff in your thoughts. This month has been heart-breaking and exhausting and they have all stepped up in the face of overwhelming challenges. They are quite simply the best of the best.

Donations can be made here on our website,  our FACEBOOK  page or through Venmo at Southside Animal Shelter. They can also me mailed to us at 1614 West Edgewood Avenue, Indpls, 46217. Thank you!