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We made it to round 3 in March Muttness! It was a nail biter, but we prevailed and are moving on.

You might remember Christian. He came to us after nearly freezing to death in a dumpster. It was really touch and go with him, but thanks to you, Christian received the care he needed to save his life. He is in a loving foster home, and just look at how much he has grown!! While he survived the initial threats to his life, he is still struggling with his breathing and has some injuries to his pelvis and is facing surgery to give him the best quality of life. We will be with him every step of the way and continue to give him the care he deserves.

It is fundraisers like March Muttness that allow us to go the extra mile for the animals in our care. Thank you again for your support. If you are able, can you help us get to round 3-The Snuggly 16 for Christian and all the others? Round 3 closes at 11pm on March 11.