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 “Rosie has lost her mind, but in a good way.”

Those were my exact words when I found out that in one week Rosie Ellis, our Founder and Executive Director, took on the medical care of three puppies with the parvovirus, a Newfoundland mix pup needing a leg amputation, a Great Dane pup with a bowel obstruction (Kane-pictured) , a cat with a gunshot to the leg and a dog who had been paralyzed and left untreated for weeks after being hit by a car.

Saying “yes” is quite simply, who we are.  Through the years that attitude has meant that we spend a large percentage of our funds on medical expenses and that’s never been more true than this year. In 2018, with $150,000 in medical expenses, we’re already running almost $50,000 ahead of last year! You have always been there for us and we need your help again.

This is where we hope you will come in. For a small, non-profit operating entirely on donations, grants and adoption revenue, $50,000 is a tough number to make up. We’ll be sharing some of the stories of our rescues who have gone through so much and who, thanks to generous donation support, will get one more shot at their happily ever after. We’re hoping to raise $20,000 via all channels, which means we’ll need a lot of help. Please consider donating as well as sharing this with your friends and family. With your help, we can keep delivering on Rosie’s dream of giving every dog and cat one more chance at finding a safe and loving home and living their best lives full of adventure and perhaps a few naps in the sun. Donate here:

From the bottom of my heart…thank you, thank you, thank you!

Julie Duncan, Operations Manager